6 Mistakes made by beginner table tennis players

6 Mistakes made by beginner table tennis players

As a fan of the table tennis game, there are some errors that I see repeated by most of the beginner players. Based on the idea that prevention is easier than the treatment, we made a list of 7 common mistakes made by table tennis beginners. Make sure you do not fall victim to these traps of this splendid game:

  1. Keeping the palette:

One of the most common mistakes is the incorrect young palette mode. If you do not pick up the pallet properly, the ability to hit hard drops and the possibility of injuring your wrists grows worrisome. I recommend you start and continue with one of the standard pallet youth methods.

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  1. Respect the speed limits:

Many players assume that if they hit the ball with power then they can control it better so they put their opponent in difficulty; this is as bad as it may be. Remember that for every hit, there is a limit to the speed you can give the ball, not following the ball so that the ball does not land on the table.

  1. Move or lose:

Some beginner table tennis players do not feel comfortable moving their legs; so he starts and leans over the whole table in situations where a small step in the right direction can help deliver much better servos. And when the ball is outside the hit area and finally moves, inexperienced players will go too close to the ball, the action that prevents them from striking the ball properly. So do not be afraid to move from your place, but be careful to move to a position that allows you to deliver the best possible service.

  1. Ask for help:

I repeatedly see players coming to table tennis with bad habits that they developed while playing at home. They need to train a long period of time to get rid of these habits and to improve their play. Even if you plan to play at home, just for relaxation, a lesson or two for you and your family, delivered by a professional coach, will help you learn the basics of this game and will relieve you of many problems if you decide to Take this sport seriously.

  1. Choose a right palette:

Many new table tennis players who barely know the world of personalized balls start to treat this as a game – try different types of tires and blades, mixing and matching the pieces as if there is no longer a day tomorrow. Do NOT do this – once you have chosen your first professional palette (after asking for advice from authorized persons), use it for at least 4-6 months before looking for something new. At that point, you probably only need to replace the rubber and everything will be good for the next 4-6 months.

  1. Know the rules:

When playing at home, you can follow any rule you want – if the ball gets into the flower pot, which means double points for you if you want. But once you go to table tennis or competitions, make sure you know the official rules of the game to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  1. Be patient:

Table tennis is a very simple sport, but very difficult to master. Most beginners expect to become experts in a year or two. Trust me – this will not happen. Table Tennis is a complex game that requires concentration, fitness, skill, and perseverance. Look at the good side of things: you can play tennis by the time you are 80, so relax and enjoy the sport. Time is on your side, believe me!

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