8 Steps Guide to Create Amazing Hand Block Printed Kurtis

Doesn’t it ever prick and tickle the imagination on how the stylish hand block printed kurtis we see are made?There are several ways to make block printed kurtis and yet the tried, practiced and trusted ways often give the best desired results of quality and perfection.  Although art comes to all in several forms and inspirations, unique styles and designs in block print kurtas are fruits of exhaustive backbone styling and designing over an impressive period of time.

These primary steps lay the foundation to some of the best printed and styled hand block print kurtis.

Selecting Fine Quality Raw Fabrics

Choosing a great fabric is always a matter of expert knowledge and understanding of the qualities of fabrics that makes them have certain qualities that other fabrics do not have. That’s why a hand block printed cotton kurti is most preferred online.A good choice in fabrics is tedious yet a highly rewarding process that ensures all selected fabrics meet acceptable standards before proceeding to the next process step. The fabrics must be of the highest quality and repute.

Fabric Process (RFD)

Fabric process is a systematic choice and testing of the quality fabrics from reputed suppliers to ensure they carry the best qualities and meet minimum acceptable standards before proceeding to dyeing. Some inferior fabrics respond to dyes differently and therefore fabric process makes everything clear from the start before laying any dye on the fabric. It ensures every single inch of fabric chosen meets the highest levels of quality assurance that is passed to customers and end users.

Dyeing, Washing and Drying

Dyeing fabrics with colorful hues lays the foundational color tones 

Dyeing of fabrics is giving the fabric rich background color palate and staple to the chosen quality fabrics. Dyeing master is an experienced hand at the process from inception to the last bit of ensuring proper mix of colors in the right percentage for maximum quality and quantity. Dyeingfabrics is a critical process to that ensuresthe entire fabric feel is flawless as this gives impetus to choosing the right hues and tones that gel or mix well together for the right color effect.


Printing Master Charming the Fabrics with Peppy Block Hues and Patterns

Sample of Fine Block PrintPatterns and Designs

Block printing has been part of Indian and Jaipur fabric art for a very long time. In fact, it is estimated since 3000 BC fabric art and printed fabrics have been part of  Indian made fabrics. Hand block print kurtis are known to embody several aspects of colorful art themes with the best of fusion in color, styling and the finishing. Block printing is an ancient art form that gained better precision and perfection with subsequent generations in Jaipur and India.

Cutting, Stitching and Embroidery

Cutting is the Skillful Layout of the Style with Paper Cut Styles

Hand Stitching adds Exciting Design Influences on Fabrics

Embroidery is a Painstaking Effort yet Yields Pristine Fabric Design and Craftsmanship

The ultimate stage of making the kurtas, kurtis and dresses is cutting, stitching and embroidery for any design given by the design department. The  essence of the best kurta, kurtis and dresses designs comes from mistake free process of getting precise sizes and fits of the ordering customers or standard size and chart guide. Cutting proceeds after deciding on the latest designs and styles given by the in-house designer for development into full outfits for the latest  collection edition. These are the outfits that will make the dressers either or revel in ordering something worthwhile or regret their association with the orders. And with room for zero tolerance of mistakes or errors every cut, shape, stitch and embroidery is a cumulative approach to distinguished design pieces.


It is mandatory to ensure that the near finished kurtis, kurtas and dresses product are checked for any flaws, mistakes or oversights in the design theme. But also to make sure theyare totally made according to the submitted themes and orders. It is called quality control and assurance to the orders given and retaining a high brand prominence as well as credibility. Each product testifies to the full quality control measures in place.


Since finishing is crucial and central; any final evaluation before the next step makes the kurta, kurtis and dresses free from any oversight issues.Finishing accords block print kurtis premium value as extra areas of evaluation add to the flawless craftsmanship and design endeavor. They are picked and put into one overall look of superior quality and standard.


Packing in the most appropriate ISO 9001 certification ensures products reach the intended customer in fresh and brand new condition as possible. It is also a stage that formally acknowledges the products are absolutely free of any mistakes and are ready for shipping or dispatch. It is credible with ISO 9001 2008 certification standards already under institution for the best benefit of the customer. This implies quality packing, dispatch and service delivery mechanism is the foothold of lasting customer satisfaction.

With all these processes done and concluded, pretty hand block printed kurtis are ready for wear and in the easy access of ardent fashionistas and style conscious women.

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