9 Lakh Candidates Appeared for UPTET 2017, While only 11% Qualified

9 Lakh Candidates Appeared for UPTET 2017, While only 11% Qualified Uttar Pradesh Teacher’s Eligibility Test is conducted to recruit teachers for the primary school level. Once the candidates clear TET, they become eligible for the written test. Only after clearing both the stages a candidate is eligible to become a primary teacher.

The enrollment process continued from August 25th, 2017 to September 8th, 2017. As declared by the Govt., there were two stages of TET- first for Primary Level (Class I-IV) and second for Upper primary Level (Class V-VIII). For the first level, the eligibility criteria were to possess a degree of Bachelor Elementary Education (B.El.ED). Whereas, for the second level, a candidate must have B.El.Ed along with a regular degree in a relevant discipline from NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education) or any UGC (University Grant Commission) recognized University or Institute.


More than nine lakh candidates applied for TET 2017; 3,49,192 and 6,27,568 applications for the Primary and Upper primary levels, respectively. The examination was conducted on October 15th, 2017 by Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board. Almost 1,634 centers were assigned for the examination throughout the state. The age limit was 18-35 years for both the categories.

However, the huge process ended with a failure as only 11% candidates were successful to clear the entrance examination while the rest 89% failed as reported by various agencies as well as the UP Government. The basic motto of the examination was to appoint 1.37 lakh primary teachers through this process. TET tests a basic level knowledge of candidates.

This failure demonstrated that there must be lack of knowledge among candidates in both primary and intermediate levels. It also reveals the poor quality of education throughout the state, where would-be teacher aspirants failed to possess minimum basic knowledge. Some educationists also blamed privatization of education system where degrees are easily available with the aid of money. This result also questions the morality of Indian youth.

India is globally known for its excellence in education and culture. UPTET 2017 is not only a result for the state but a reflection for the country as well. And UP in not only the only state to witness such a failure, other states are also standing in the queue with a very little difference. Once, Rabindranath Tagore compared education and culture with a diamond ring. He explained that the luster of the diamond is the symbol of culture and the ring is the symbol of education. Education receptacle and protects the culture and give it a shape.

In the present scenario, the UP education system has failed brutally and that is exposed this time. Each year thousands and lakhs of candidates appear in TET examination in different states to be eligible for a job as primary-level teacher. Primary education is believed to be the base of every human being. This is the stage to store basic knowledge and grab the inspiration to become more eligible. In Indian society, teachers are believed to be the pioneer of a student’s educational journey. But, now-a-days, according to the statistics, 89% aspirant teachers have failed to qualify the entrance exam. Obviously, not all of them are fresher. Some of them must have been applying for second, third or fourth times and still were unsuccessful. This is the failure of UP education system as well as existing teachers. This is also a failure of the students among the aspirants.

Uttar Pradesh possesses an excellent history of ancient education and culture. It is the birthplace of Indian God Lord Rama and Lord Krishna according to Indian Mythology. It is also the birthplace of Bhrigu and Vyas dev; Mira, Kabir, Ramanand Sagar, Tulsidas; Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Pt. Uday Shankar, Pt. Ravi Shankar and a never-ending list of famous Indians across the latitude and longitude.

A certificate or degree is easily purchasable in private institutes, just like a business commodity. A raw diamond is a black stone and costs nothing until unless it has been cut and polished well. Its value is zero without the perfect angle cut, so does the education certificated. Until and unless the person acquires some knowledge, the degree and certificate are a complete waste. This is the government’s responsibility to provide proper education and they have to figure it out. It has to take the responsibility of such a failure and work on how to improve.

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