A Program for Autistic Children- For Parents and Professionals

Autism is a neurological and a developmental disorder which affects the childhood and daily functioning. Though it causes is not known, but research states it to be a combination of genetic and environmental influences. As this is a lifelong disorder, parents are really worried about their child’s progress.To ease their tension, there are certain programs for children challenged by autism. This program guide is especially for parents and professionals dealing with such disorders.

Features of the different programs for Autistic Children

  • Curriculum content – Mostly early childhood programs focus on this area. The major objective of this program is to create every curricular area according to every kid’s development level. In proving a guideline for the circular area, a proper knowledge about child development is very necessary. There are few areas which are essential for the development of autistic kids such as Attending Skills, Difficulty in shifting stimulus from one to another. And Attending Skills, Imitation and Difficult attending situations of multiple stimuli, Communication, playing with toys. It also includes other areas such as No interaction, Symbolic play, Functional play, social relations for example Isolation, Orientation, Parallel Play and Common focus.
  • Highly Supporting Teaching Environment – Apart from good curriculum content, there is a constant need of supporting teaching environment. There are certain features of the environment autistic children surround with such as physical environment, Furniture arrangement, Visual distraction, Auditory distraction. The environment should also support different kinds of visual support strategies such as directions, schedules, teaching rules, turn taking. And Academic areas, making individual choices, increasing language development skills, work activities and learning expressive communication skills.
  • Need for Daily Routine And Predictability – The another feature of the program is to make kid attach to the daily routine. Many therapists believe that it is best in autism to adapt to the surrounding environment.
  • Adopt functional Approach to Challenge Behaviour – It is one of the most effective approaches. By creative appropriate environment, one can easily prevent the development of challenging behaviour in autism. The development of these fundamental features in childhood will help in reducing autism characteristics such as frustration, anxiety, and stress.
  • Transition planning – Transition Planning up to elementary schooling plays a major role in reducing difficulties in accepting change and developing skills. This planning involves several components for your kid assistance such as Develop independent functioning skills, Determine some appropriate placement, Staff training. Other components are Peer training, visitation to elementary school placement. Apart from all these components family involvement is also very necessary for the development.

Topics included in the Program for Autistic Children

Help your child to relate to others

Despite the developmental level, this program can help the child to build meaningful social interactions. This program helps the child to move beyond their repetitive behavior without fighting this repetitive behavior. It also provides various strategies to increase eye-contact, helps in learning and interaction. Through this program, parents will learn how to encourage their kid at home?

Teaching and motivating the Child

The therapist believes that every child is different and everyone has the right to education, so are challenged ones. For that, the child needs motivation and encouragement. This program not only helps you find your kid’s interest. But also teaches you how to convert the interest into dynamics, customize learning skills for your kid. It also teaches the necessary skills such as using a toilet, reading books, cooperating with others.


Speech and Language Development

This program teaches different kinds of speech therapy which helps the children with autism to increase kids communication skills. It didn’t matter whether they use language or not. Autistic kids face problems in developing speech and language skills. They also have difficulty in communicating non-verbally, for example, facial expressions and hand gestures. Most of the time, autistic kids ability to learn and communicate depends on their social and personal development.To reduce the self-absorbed nature of your kid increase verbal communication and implement functional strategies. Age is not a deciding factor for the need of this program. It also helps kids to understand other people body language and voice tones. Autistic kids through speech therapy also learn rich vocabulary or develop the ability to make conversation about a certain topic in detail.

Capable Leadership of the Program  

This program helps to utilize continual training, education, and support for program’s effectiveness. Everyday issues are addressed in this program, such as required time for the program, varying child’s day and adapting the program to meet family needs. This program also helps parents by teaching them different ways how to recruit and provide support for your autistic kid. As parents use daily routine activities as learning opportunity for their toddler. Therefore it will break all the barriers most of the parents face on a daily basis.

Creating Optimal Learning Environment

In this program parent’s or professionals are taught about creating an ideal educational environment which will be comfortable, safe and free from over-stimulation. It helps to filter the common distractions affecting the child’s learning. And also taught to eliminate push-pull control battles which affect useful interactions. This special learning environment maximizes the child’s development and participation, making life easy and less chaotic.

Decisive and useful handling of Challenged Behavior

This program helps to handle teacher and parent’s struggle. This program teaches methods to help the challenged child regarding behavior and communication methods. The practical techniques of the program help to make your child’s life easy by preventing these behaviors before the occurrence.

Attitudinal Training and Empowerment

Life of people having an autistic child is really difficult and challenging. The most important force that helps these children are their parents. They will give a specialized ongoing instruction which is hopeful, peaceful, non-judgemental, and optimistic, which helps to overcome obstacles. This program also helps regarding stress and time management for the best care of the child and their requirements.


All these programs are designed to help parents and professional with children challenged by Autism. It helps you to become an effective resource for your children and overcome everyday challenges. This program enables you to help your child’s communication, language, social interaction, and achieving educational goals. Therefore reducing their challenge and enabling them to be more cooperative.


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