Age-related eye anomalies

Age-related eye anomalies – 8 warning signs you should pay attention to As we grow older, the best way to avoid vision anomalies is regular eye examinations and if you haven’t had yours for almost a year, schedule a visit ASAP. There’re however certain warning indications to help you take precautionary steps for a maintained eyesight especially if the symptoms occur unexpectedly. Cases such as a detached retina or swift inception of glaucoma, earlytreatment is crucial to avoid or least minimise permanent vision loss.

Although eye anomalies can occur at any stage, elderly are more susceptible whereas ageing also increases the risk of many different conditions that are a threat to sight, eventually leading to blindness. Here’re a few signs and symptoms that ask for immediate consultation with an ophthalmologist in Dubai due to medical emergencies!

  1. Excess spots & floaters

Vitreous detachment; a benign ageing condition is the primary cause of eye floaters which occurs when the gel-like interior of the eye dissolves and separates from the retina. Frequent and immediate spots and floaters however can be caused by more serious and vision-threatening detachment of the retina or tearing.

  1. Settlement of a dark curtain across field of vision

Most probable cause is retinal detachment which is separation of the retina from underlying layer of choroid (nourishing blood capillaries). If the retina isn’t reattached within a few hours, permanent vision loss is much expected.

  1. Nausea, soreness & sharp eye pain

All of these can trigger acute narrow-angle glaucoma attack that can permanently damage the optic nerve of the eyes. Immediate treatment is required for prevention against vision loss.

  1. Double vision &“ghost” images

There’re many eye conditions to cause dual vision. In rare cases, it can be an underlying severe emergency such as stroke and if someone has a sudden onset, consult an ophthalmologist in Dubai immediately.

  1. Abrupt blurry vision in one eye

Individuals above the age of 60 are at greater risk of developing a macular hole in certain segment of the retina where sharp focusing occurs. These ‘macular holes’ can worsen the vision and even cause permanent loss of sight which is why immediate and timely treatment is crucial for overall eye health.

  1. Narrow field of depth

Gradual reduction of an individual’s ability to see things with dark curtain at vision’s edge is an indication of glaucoma. Without proper medical examination, peripheral vision loss could worsen and eventually lead to either tunnelled vision or even blindness.

  1. Loss of central vision

A gradual decline in central vision accompanied with distortions such as wavy objects. These can be caused by macular degeneration which a leading cause of blindness among the elderly. Significant advancement in medical science and technology now offer effective treatment for macular degeneration that can literally halt vision loss or least limit its pace!

  1. Blurred & cloudy eyesight

If you see halos around the lights with inability to see colours, the vision change may be due to cataracts that can gradually worsen however, it isn’t a medical emergency. Nevertheless, natural eye lens tend to get more clouded with age thus compromising the vision. The only treatment is cataract surgery which replaces the cloudy lens with Intraocular Lens (IOL).


Have your eyes checked every few months especially if you come across any of the symptoms outlined above.

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