Are Indo Western Dresses More in Trend Today? A Close Study

Everywhere you go unlike more than two decades back Indo western dresses are the styles treat and toast of the high society celebrity as well as common citizen. Being affordable and common in range of designs has opened a world of fashion choices for the style forward Indian woman. Since today the world has gone through limitless fashion transformation. Almost every season brings new fads, trends and styles that gradually become the norm in fashion gone crazy nation. Fashion fusion has been then new trend-setter in all aspects of dress design. Eventually it has now become the signature style for most women today. The mixture and love for western and Asian style is now visible in most clothing manufactured today. Thistrend was initially attributedto the Indian film industry Bollywood stars of how they dressed in films and awards functions. Gradually Bollywood Actresses have inspired millions of Indian women’s fashion choices through infusing both Indian fashion and western design sensibility especially today’s young generation who always look for something new and trendy.Today, women are more than confident to try out these Indo western fashion outfits on different occasions like anniversaries, engagements, weddings, parties,dinners, dates, awards occasions, movie premieres, graduations or religious functions etc. Indo western dresses have the ability to gel well the ambience with oodles grace, elegance and feminine charm. Due to the magnificent blend and fusion of theindo western dresses women can dress and walk comfortably feeling feminine pride to the fullest with lots of confidence and swag anywhere, anytime.  Importantly, indo western dresses are designed with lots of add on designs like sequins, fine embroidery, colorful art, Indian dress motifs, ancient design inspiration blend of traditional and western themes etc. It is these Indo western dress blends that also inspirelots of other dress designs like colorful Indian engagement, wedding and bridal collections with refined aesthetic design patterns and styles which have elegantly replaced outdated old school fashions and styles.

What Makes theIndo Western Dresses Remarkably Irresistible for the Women?

Art of Fusion

Fusion is the perfect mix, useorcombination of traditional Indian or Oriental styles marrying them with western inspiration and modern styles. Fusion also means creating something entirely new and bold by studying the two sides under close attention and Indian motifs provide lots of inspiration for designers today. This creates fabulously attractive dresses that still have Indian design motifs and aspects in the completed work.

Rich and Vibrant Colors

India is known to have a large palette of color widely celebrated across the subcontinent. They bring lots of expressive elements in the fabric as well as art that combine traditional and modern motifs.From vibrant pinks to alluring reds, royal navy blue to effervescent violets the color range is versatile and always eye catching for the dressy woman of today.


Hand Block Prints and Textures

Natural Fabrics Textures

With a range of natural textures in print and the flawless appeal textures and prints reflect traditional coloring patterns carried for centuries. They are embossed on the fabrics with help of wooden blocks.

The art of applying the styles using wooden design bearing blocks is an age old tradition that is still being widely used especially in Rajasathan. Hand block printing as an art is from ancient times it consists of dying and coloring fabrics using wooden hand blocks. India is well known as one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of hand block print fabric in the world. Hand block print craftsmen use wood blocks to create beautiful designs on the fabrics.

Expert Finishing and Embroidery

Be it embroidery or hemline stitching, neckline stitch details and other style inspirations there are finely done to inspire best looks for the finished indo western dresses. Tassels, buttons and fabric textures all bear something unique.

Several Indian traditional costumes have also undergone variations in style and design both in terms of their looks and themes used. Today, most women prefer wearing the common and effervescent salwar suit attire with sleeveless or half sleeve design. Some opt for spaghetti or noodle straps as they are in vogue today. There are other latest styles of single sleeve or even balloon sleeves / box sleeves or even Raglan Sleeve with a stressed feminine effect and appearance.

Western style dresses areproviding best fusion style influences for traditional Indian saris and given the bestfacelift with modern look overall. Design aspects like necklines,hemlines, bodices and borders have taken on several transformations thus availing an assortment of styles radiating with passion and attractive influence. They are the true embodiment of the modern Indian woman of substance.

Author Bio: – As a child, ShaliniMakhija used to wonder how various fabrics are embellished and how they are converted into sheer clothing masterpieces and hence, she chooses to become a fashion designer and fashion blogger. Currently, working with Missprint, she loves to deep dive in the pool of various clothing styles and prints.

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