Basic Tips For Learning How To Take Care Of A Garden

Months looking forward to the desired vacation, right? Well, if you are one of the lucky ones who are already enjoying these precious days of rest, I wish you were really pleasant and happy wherever you are. If you have a garden, it is a very attractive option to spend them at home, but do not let your maintenance take too many hours of your free time and instead of leisure become an obligation.


Undoubtedly, the task that steals the most hours of leisure is cutting the grass and it is precisely in summer when the grass grows and more time has to be dedicated to have a nice and refreshing meadow. I do not know if there will be someone who likes to spend hours a week pushing the lawnmower. However, for me the simple vision of the machine became a real nightmare. To the point of considering eliminating the lawn of the garden.


Nevertheless, the grass helps a lot to alleviate the heat of summer and I always resisted removing that small piece of grass that I have next to the terrace. The day I discovered the robotic lawnmower I thought it would be the perfect solution and after a year with the Auto mower robot installed in my garden I can corroborate that it is.


Do you want to make your garden look beautiful all year round? Here we present some basic tips to learn how to take care of a garden and keep it in optimal conditions to enjoy it in any season.


Basic tips for learning how to take care of a garden

Today I want to recover some of the articles that I have been writing during this time and in which I tell you my experience during each season, from spring to winter. This summer the lawn is more beautiful than ever despite not having spent more time than the application of fertilizer in spring. No more than couple of hours every Saturday spent cutting the grass, collecting the remains and sweeping everything that had been soiled.


If you have lawn and you like to keep it yourself, do not doubt to follow the best option.


Prepare the area

Before planting in your garden you should clean the area very well removing the weeds. Then prepare the soil by mixing it with fertilizer. If possible, it is best to select organic fertilizer, but only if you cannot use it, we recommend mineral or chemical fertilizer as an alternative, always being the first option.


Learn to plant well

If you saturate your garden of plants the most normal thing is that none of them can develop properly. Personally we recommend that you plant leaving space, without squeezing the plants and with large holes so that all of them can grow well. If you are going to plant trees, claw it and fix it well using a tutor to keep it straight.


The importance of irrigation

As we read in this article, watering well is really important to get a healthy and beautiful garden. To learn well about watering each of your plants you will need to observe them, understand them and learn from them. Irrigation is especially important in the first year because the roots of your plants or trees are not yet very deep and therefore it is necessary if you want your garden to work.


The best hours to water

One of the most important tips when it comes to watering is to know when to do it. Our recommendation is that you water your plants or trees in the morning, the earlier the better. If this is not possible better than watering at sunset, watering when the sun is stronger is not the best option. In addition, if your plant is very exposed to the sun or receives a lot of wind, you should add more water. The flowers are better not to water them because you can drown them and as for watering it will always be better to take little water than to spend with them.


The fertilizer for your garden

The next important point is to fertilize your garden properly: from the plants to the trees through the lawn and any other type of shrub. If you prefer you can use only organic fertilizer such as mulch, manure etc. but the most advisable thing is to use the organic fertilizer combined with the mineral fertilizer.


Other nutrients for your garden

In addition to using quality fertilizer, we also recommend that you add micronutrients, such as iron chelates to the earth. You can also spray them on the leaves. This is very interesting if you want your plants to stay in optimal condition and you should do it once a month. The lawn should pay a maximum of three times a year.


Eliminate weeds

To have a beautiful garden you must keep the weeds at bay. For the bushes, the best thing you can do is to place an anti-weed screen, fill it with pine, and gravel bark to make it look beautiful. Mulching is also a good option. This is covering the soil with mulch or compost and it is certainly a good idea for the seeds to germinate. In order to remove weeds in a simple way, we recommend you water the day before.


Pruning regularly

It is also necessary to perform regular power to maintain your garden well. Roses, trees and shrubs are best pruned during the year, although you should also do small pruning for the rest of the year. Eliminate very long branches, dry branches or diseased branches to get a healthy and beautiful garden.


Beware of diseases

The best thing you can do to keep your plants from getting sick is to follow all the advice that we presented earlier. If you water them, they have light, you cultivate them, etc. undoubtedly they will be much stronger and will be very resistant, being able to withstand any plague or disease. Do not forget to check your sheets to avoid the possibility of having parasites, because if you find them easier it will be to fight against them.


Pest control

Be especially alert to some pests such as woodlice, whitefly or aphids because they spread quickly and can kill your plants easily. Also try your plants beforehand with insecticides to avoid any kind of plague. If some leaves have suffered a short fungal infection and burn them. So that the problem does not spread.


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