Best Diet Plans for Tennis Players

Tennis players have a tough life. They always need to be on the toes to stay fit and grab
enough energy to play such forceful game for around 3, 4, and even 5 hours at a
time. Athletes should focus on consuming a lot of healthy foods since exercise is
not enough to defuse the effect of unhealthy foods stuffed into the body

Listed below are some expert diet tips for tennis players to help them maintain optimal
performance, requisite energy levels, strength, and stamina:

Before a Playing a Match

During competition days, a healthy breakfast should be followed that includes complex
carbohydrates like low calorie fruits, oatmeal, and whole wheat. These complex
carbs are important to ensure a steady energy store to power up throughout the
matches played later on in the day. Players can also have a small amount of
protein such as egg white, milk, an egg white or greek yogurt. The breakfast
must be taken at least two hours prior to the match to avoid any intestinal

Avoid –
High sugar breakfasts and fruits should be avoided as they can lead to an energy
crash in the middle of their matches owing to the insulin released initially by
the pancreas to keep blood sugar levels down.

During a Match

A lot of energy is consumed during a match resulting in depletion of glycogen deposit. The diet a
player takes must replenish the used-up glycogen. Banana serves as a perfect snack
option that keeps blood sugar levels steady and supply a quick boost in energy
in the middle of a match.

Players must sip into water regularly. Not feeling thirsty while the adrenaline is pumping is
common. Hence, it is advisable to have water every 15 minutes to replenish the electrolytes
and water through sweating.

Avoid – Substitute sugar filled sports drinks with healthy coconut
water. It is loaded with electrolytes and potassium.

After the Match

Players tend to lose a lot of energy during a match. Hence, it is crucial to refuel body with a
healthy balance of nutrition right within 2 hours of the match. High amount of
lean protein (chicken or fish) should be included for muscle recovery. This
needs to be combined with some complex carbohydrates and vegetables. Some of
the best post-match food choices include whole-wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, brown
rice, chicken breast, or buffalo meat.

Diet Foods a Tennis Player MUST Include Daily:

A balance diet for tennis players should include: carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats,
minerals and vitamins, and water or fluids. It is also ideal to eat fresh food
rather than the readymade and processed food.

Zinc –Around 20 mg of zinc everyday can improve hand-eye coordination. The best
sources of zinc include pumpkin seeds, oysters, whole grains, sunflower seeds,
beans, animal proteins, almonds, and nuts.

Carrots – These tend to promote healthy eyesight. This is
very crucial during a match.

Vitamin C – The vitamin is very helpful in supporting muscle
repair. The vitamin is found in high amounts in citrus fruits and peppers.

Choline– The member of Vitamin B family feeds neurotransmitters of brain. It is also
very helpful in improving reaction times. Some of the best sources of choline
include egg yolks, tomatoes, and potatoes.

DMAE – Dimethylaminoethanol is an amazing thing to feed your brain with. Ound in some varieties of fish, the brain food serves as a neurotransmitter that facilitates messages move across nerves
and brain. The main aim of DMAE is to deal with the process requisite for
remembering varied techniques, techniques and course sequences. Some of the
best natural sources of DMAE include anchovies, salmon, and sardines.

Vitamin A – It facilitates building of new white blood cells. These are needed by the body to fight off infection and gain fast recovery from intense workouts. The vitamin also fixes micro tears in muscles.

Foods to Avoid Just before a Match

Protein Shake

It is good to avoid protein powders. You must avoid intake of large amounts of protein prior to a match to reduce overall risk of digestive upset. These shakes must be reserved for
post-competition to expedite the process of muscle recovery. For the latest and
interesting tennis news, visit

Whole-Wheat Pasta

This may be taken four hours prior to the match, the time when body requires slow-releasing
carbohydrates for long-term energy. But, straightaway before a match, the body depends
on quick energy from effortlessly digestible carbohydrates.

Caffeinated Drinks

Strictly avoid coffee or sugary sodas right before a match. Caffeine is known to be
dehydrating and very hard on stomach.


Although leafy greens are healthy, athletes must avoid greens right before a match as they’re loaded
with fiber and cannot be easily tolerated.

Nuts and Seeds

These are healthy sources of fiber and fat. Tennis players should avoid these prior
to a competition. The focus should be only on simple carbohydrates. Fiber
amount should be restricted to prevent digestive uneasiness during exercise. ============================================================


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