How to earn a Bachelor’s degree in science online

Bachelor of science is entirely different from Bachelor of Arts where you will learn more about technical and biological related subjects. Most students opt for technology and engineering field. You can visit thecollegemonk website for top online colleges in the USA where you will find a large section of online courses and programs for a bachelor degree.

Many colleges in US offer bachelor’s degree of science which means students have different options for choosing university and course. Some colleges offer completely online programs but few college will  want the students to attend on-campus seminars. You can contact your admission counselor for deciding your course or to know more about the college.


The requirement for B.S degree is only high school diploma, same as any other undergraduate course. If you have got any high score, letter of recommendation and extracurricular activities certificate then you can get extra benefits to getting admission. Some universities also take interviews based on your background and basic knowledge. Generally, programs consist of around 120 credit hours. The way of teaching varies from college to college. English is the common subject for all undergraduate programs.

Online Learnings

Colleges are adding online courses due to a shortage of teachers in science like math, science, and English. Students are provided with video lectures and seminars with one of the best professors around the world. With the social platform, you can contact to different students and professors which are essential for learnings.

Choosing a college

One of the most important thing before applying to any college is to see whether the college is accredited or not. The college should always be recognized by the state board of education. Studying from the recognized universities will help you to get a job or studying higher education without any difficulties because this degree is accepted anywhere. Also, check for the deadlines before applying to any college as most of the courses start in the Fall. Read all the information present on the college websites for the best online bachelor’s degree programs and also for course structure and fees. If you are facing problem in paying the fee then try for financial aids. It is a scholarship offered by private organizations, government, and university. Note down the FAFSA code of the college you have applied and then fill the application form.

Learning Environment

Several methods are used in teachings like

  1. Videos
  2. Telephone conference
  3. Message boards
  4. Virtual simulations
  5. Preloaded lectures

Students must be up to date with technology like hardware and software as prescribed by the college for online learnings. Heavy usage of various applications may require recent technologies for graphic design or drafting programs. Normally colleges use Blackboard for online classes. Applications provided by the college does not support every operating system, therefore, you should contact the college for operating systems, browsers and plugins that work with management systems.

Some of the hardware configurations are:

  1. At least 1 GHz CPU processor
  2. Ram should be larger than 512 MB
  3. At least 10 GB of hard disk
  4. Sound system or headphone for lectures

Basic computer skills required are:

  1. Using the internet
  2. Saving programs and applications
  3. Using chatrooms and email
  4. Word processing skills
  5. Organizing folder and files

Bachelor of science degree offers various programs ranging from universities. Courses are similar to on-campus colleges but tuition fee will differ for some colleges for an online degree as infrastructure cost is not included. At the end, you have to decide according to your interests.


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