How To Make Your Nose Smaller Without Makeup Or Surgery

You lose confidence because of your nose, but you want not to perform a nose surgery. Please refer to 10 following ways how to make your nose smaller without makeup or surgery, and choose the most suitable method for having a slim nose soon.

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  1. Make the nose smaller and higher with flour

Flour is considered as one of the most effective ways how to make your nose smaller without makeup or surgery. This method is actually to create a layer of artificial nose overlapping your nose, which helps your nose taller and slimmer. The flour is a safe material and very easy to use.

To make the nose smaller and higher with this flour, you just need to prepare a little flour and glue, tools and makeup powder.

Steps to make a small nose with flour as follows:

Step 1: Prepare flour and glue. Add a bit of skin color, and then knead

Step 2: Get the amount of combination of the above materials just enough to the desired height. Cover this combination into your nose and make it smooth. Please note that the mixture of flour and glue need to be stuck in your skin.

Step 3: Use powder to cover the part of flour and glue. Once done, you will get a tall and straight nose naturally.

  1. Using spoon

Prepare 2 clean stainless steel spoons, then soak them in hot water until a moderate heat.

Apply 2 spoons close to the nose, then move from the edge of the nose to the top of the nose when the spoons are warm.

Exercise regularly for about 5 minutes, you rest for about 2 minutes then repeat this action. Persist in doing this method every day for 15 minutes to get the highest efficiency.

  1. Lift your nose with a nose exercises

Use two index fingers to point two edges of the nose, press with a light force for 30 seconds and then release.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes every day to perform regularly this exercise, and your nose will quickly smaller and more beautiful.

  1. Make nose small at home by massage

Although massage does not make the nose immediately, it is the entirely efficient way how to make the nose smaller but without makeup or surgery. If you do this method regularly, you will see unexpected results.

You only need to perform massage on principle: stroke upward – pull downward – press slightly on both sides, apply in the order of areas: nose bridge – nose tip – nose wing.

You should apply oils such as sesame, coconut, olives while massaging. Using essential oils not only rebuilds but also nourishes your skin during a process of massage and rub regularly. Choosing the right oil for you and using it daily to help you achieve exceptional results.

With these small movements done daily, you will get a smaller nose by an impact on the entire muscles of the nose.

  1. Exercise for a higher nose

Step 1: The mouth is formed into a long O. Try to tuck your chin and upper lip down to the lowest level. Leave for 5-10 seconds.

Step 2: Return to the normal condition.

You should perform this exercise 25 to 30 times a day, and you will improve your nose shape.

  1. Exercise helps the nose to be taller and straighter:

To do this exercise, you need to use the force of two hands.

Step 1: Lift the tip of your nose up by your index finger and keep it that way.

Step 2: Use the fingers of the other hand to squeeze the entire bridge and wings of your nose wing lightly.

Step 3: While squeezing, pull along the bridge of your nose, and bend the nose down.

Doing this method 35 times per day helps your nose to be smaller and higher effectively.

  1. Exercise helps to make the nose more balanced

Place the middle fingers of both hands on two sides of the nose bridge.

Move these fingers from the corner of the eye to the nose wings and nostrils, and squeeze the two nose wings and nostrils together.

Note: move in a direction from top to bottom, avoid doing the opposite. Using a moderate force not to make your nose injured.

To be effective in getting a high nose, you should do this exercise as many times as possible in a day. You will feel the change on your nose.

  1. Have a high nose with an exercise moving the air in the mouth

Moving air in the oral cavity is also a way how to make your nose smaller without makeup or surgery. The force of the cheek muscles on the nose muscles will change the shape of the nose. Therefore if learning a right way to move your oral cavity, you will have a slim nose.

How to do: Inhale, regulate the amount of air in your mouth to move round in your oral cavity. Each direction holds for 5 seconds and then moves in the other direction.

  1. Breathing exercise is also a way to make the nose higher

You can use your breath to change the shape of your lovely nose. Put your thumb to hold on one side of the nostril and breathe with the opposite nostril. After a few times, turn into the other nostril.

Some notes:

  • When you perform these exercises, it can be painful, so you need to think before you decide to continue.
  • Massage continuously can lead to rash or bruise. You can use ice or ice pack to treat this problem.
  • When using essential oils, consider that you are allergic to certain oils.
  • Know advantages and disadvantages of each method to choose the most suitable one for you. Take a priority to friendly ways with the body.
  • People with a migraine, sinus pain should consider carefully before choosing any technique.
  • Be patient until you achieve the desired results.

The above is our share of 10 ways to make your nose smaller without surgery or makeup. However, to each method work best, you have to be patient and take a lot of time to see its effect.


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