Modern Yoga Products That Boost Yoga Practice

Five thousand years ago, yoga spread across Northern India.  Classic yoga, as people would
refer to it now, is a century-old practice of discipline, meditation, and
self-realization.  Conventional wisdom would tell us that yoga practice and modern-day technology are two conflicting fields of interest. Who would have thought that they can actually co-exist?

The Growth of the Yoga Market

Yoga transcends time, as manifested in today’s widespread practice of it. A survey conducted by Sports Marketing Surveys USA for Yoga Journal found that in the year 2012, 62.8 % of
“yogis” were adults within 18-44 years of age.  More interestingly, these yoga practitioners
were said to have spent over 16 billion US dollars annually on yoga-related
products and services including yoga classes and yoga clothes.

The steady growth of people jumping on the yoga bandwagon and
the constant clamor for anything yoga-related has led the businesses to
innovate and provide something new. Thus, there has been a great demand for new
tools and equipment that can keep people abreast with the modern world without losing
their inner yogi self.

A List of Devices for Yogis

Hi-tech products take over the yoga community. If you are a
yoga practitioner yourself and you want to track your progress more
conveniently, then you might be interested in purchasing some of these technologies
as well.

●       SmartMat

SmartMat is an interactive mat that uses motion sensors to detect the pressure and the alignment of the body. This mat
then transmits the recorded data to a SmartMat app on your smartphone and gives
you a meaningful feedback that can help improve balance and posture. It is easy
to set-up. The calibration involves registering your weight, height and limb

●       Nadi X

If we can put a sensor in the mats, then we can insert them
in our clothes as well. Nadi X yoga pants, a product of Wearable X, are a smart
clothing with sensors weaved in the knees, hips, and ankle areas. These sensors
allow you to track your movements. They provide haptic feedback via vibrations
to guide you in your yoga practice.

●       Muse

One wearable hardware device that can improve your meditation
experience is Muse, a handy headband that can sense the current state of your
brain.  Its goal is to improve your focus
by playing various soundscapes which include rainforest, desert, beach, and
many others. At the end of the session, it reports a graph that will help track
your mental progress throughout the yoga exercise.

●       Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is an interactive mobile app. It features Rodney
Yee, a yoga instructor, who will give you a guide for a meaningful and deep
yoga practice. You can choose classes based on your skill level.

Embracing Technology

While technology will not and cannot fully demonstrate the
true fundamentals of the yoga practice, it can serve as a support system for
the yogis. If integrating gadgets, apps, hi-tech equipment, and interactive
yoga clothing can get more people to practice yoga, then this will be a win-win
situation for both the healthcare industry and the economy. get here Free yoga App

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