Must Read Books for UPSC 2018

Must Read Books for UPSC 2018 UPSC Civil Services Examination, considered as one of the most challenging examinations in the country, demands a lot of dedication in preparation. It requires a lot of reading and writing practice. But an aspirant has to be smart and choosy when it comes to the books to be read for the examination as there are a plethora of resources available in the market. If not chosen properly, one might end up reading those books which are not required for completing the UPSC syllabus. Though reading any number of books will never go waste, with the limited time one has for the preparation and the huge syllabus to strike off, it is essential to wisely curate a book list and follow the same till the final level of the examination.

Another point an aspirant has to keep in mind while starting the UPSC preparation is that the Prelims and Mains exam preparation need to be integrated and not isolated as most of the topics to be covered for the prelims exam can also be found in the mains syllabus. Here is the must read books list for UPSC – 2018


1.GeographyNCERT Class 6-12

GC Leong: Certificate Physical and Human Geography- Oxford Publication

2.PolityIndian Polity by M. Laxmikanth


Constitution of India by DD. Basu


Modern IndiaHistory of Modern India-Bipin Chandra-Old NCERT (1757-1857, Colonial History)


A brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir – Spectrum Publications (For National Movement)

Medieval IndiaSatish Chandra-Old NCERT
Ancient IndiaRS Sharma-Old NCERT
Art And CultureIndian Art and Culture by NithinSinghania
World HistoryHistory of the World by Arjun Dev


Modern World History by Norman Lowe

4. ECONOMYNCERT Class 11 – Indian Economic Development

NCERT Class 12-Introductory Macro Economics

The Indian Economy By SanjeevVerma

Economic Survey and Budget of 2018



Environment And Ecology- Rajagopalan

6. Science and TechnologyClass 8, 9, 10 NCERT
7. Social IssuesClass 12 NCERTs – Indian Society and Social Change and Development in India


Indian Society by Ram Ahuja

8. International RelationsInternational Relations in the 21st Century by Pushpesh Pant (TMH Publications)
9. Security IssuesChallenges to Internal Security of India by Ashok Kumar and Vipul (TMH Publications)
10. Ethics, Integrity and AptitudeLexicon (Chronicle Publishers)


Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Subba Rao and P N Roy Chowdhury


11. Current AffairsIndia Year Book


Manorama Year Book

Rather than referring to multiple sources for the same topic, it would be a wise move to revise the topic over and over again from one standard book. Multiple revisions from a set of standard books will help in remembering the facts better and also write well framed, comprehensive answers in the UPSC Civil Services Mains examination.

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