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Although there are hundreds of smart phones in the market, all of them are not friendly with your pocket. If you are looking for an affordable smart phone which is hewn in the best features and specifications, you can browse and figure out several branded phones online. As technology is moving fast forward, there are several smart operating systems being launched every year. In the coming times, the cell phone technology is going to be further amazing and stunning. Are you looking for a phone that is not only smart but also affordable in price?

Well, if you are looking for pocket friendly smart phone; you are highly recommended to decide for blackberry phones. It goes without saying that blackberry smart phones are known for their better designs and good features. It is hoped that you will be aware that majority of blackberry smart phones are hewn with black OS, indicator light and QWERTY key pad along with track pad. These are some of the traditional features of the blackberry brand. If you ask blackberry loyal fans, they are likely to give you many reasons why they do not want to switch over any other brand.

Blackberry Curve in Auckland is the best series of affordable phones. Here we will discuss several curve models in order to let you know about their features, specs and prices. Following are models separately discussed:

Blackberry Curve 9220:

This model was released in September 2012. The key features and specs of this Blackberry Curve in Auckland are 2.44 inches display screen coupled with track pad, 512 ROM, 512 RAM, 2 mega pixels of back camera, blackberry OS 7.1 and enhanced battery life up to 432 hours on stand-by. As far as the price of the phone is concerned, the phone has been put on the sale of 31% off so that you can buy it at just 384 NZDs.

Blackberry Curve 9380 black:

Available on 44% off now, the phone was released back in two years ago. If you want to want to get your hands on a smart mobile, it won’t be a wrong choice to decide for this model. Given wonderful features and lowest price, you are highly recommended to seriously think about this phone. The key features of the phone are QWERTY key pad for easy typing and traditional look coupled with 3.2 inches display screen. This Blackberry Curve in Auckland is hewn in one black color. If you want to record video or capture HD photos, you can pretty well do so on 5 mega pixels of camera.

Blackberry Curve 9320 black:

You will be surprised to know that this Blackberry Curve in Auckland is unlike branded phones because this phone has been liked so much so that it is still available in the market. The key specs of curve 9380 are like other traditional blackberry phones. Other specs of the phone are similar to those of curve 9220. However, the difference specs are 3 mega pixels of back camera. The traditional features of the phone such as QWERTY key pad and track pad are similar in both phones. The price of the phone is just 299 NZDs.

Blackberry curve 9360 black:

As far processor of curve 9360 is concerned, there is not any difference between curve 9320 and this model. However, the vivid difference between the phones is that of camera. This curve model is featured with 5 mega pixels of camera. Blackberry Curve in Auckland offers you lowest price of 549 NZDs which is 46% off of the original price.

In the last but not the least, whenever you want to buy any smart phone; you must not jump in to buy it but you should look at several features. Given choices of curve and their features, people who are looking for good phones on discounts are encouraged to buy a curve model. So, when are you picking up Blackberry Curve in Auckland?

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