The hullabaloo about the rainbow mountain

As a tourist, you can never get enough of the world. You visit one splendacious country and feel – ‘this is the world,’ and some months later you happen to visit another breathtaking country, and think – ‘this is the most beautiful a country can ever get.’

And yet, you are proven wrong when you visit the next country and mistake it for heaven on earth. The beautiful landscapes, the majestic mountain ranges, and the luscious evergreen countrysides never cease to leave you wonderstruck in awe and amazement of nature’s stark beauty.

One such pulchritudinous and magnificent country located on the west coastline of the South American continent is Peru – home to a part of Amazon rainforest and the famous Machu Picchu.

What to look out for?

On your visit to Peru, you will be flooded with suggestions to visit the best of tourist spots in the country. And for obvious reasons, the top spot on your bucket list should be taken by the Rainbow Mountain in the Vinicunca mountain in Peru.

If you are wondering why the hullabaloo about this rainbow mountain, wait till you read further. Or better still, if you experience the enthralling visuals on your visit to Peru.

Peru is already popular among travelers for a plethora of reasons. With some world-famous attractions like Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon, and the Inca Trail, you may be not be pardoned if you overlook some well-known and unusual out-of-the-road attractions in the country for your bucket list.

One such spectacular place you must visit in Peru is the Vinicunca, or as it is popularly known as the rainbow mountain.

The spot to stop by

Situated at about 3 hours distance from Cusco, the Rainbow Mountains of Peru are a mesmerizing trek destination. This hidden gem of Peru is merely the most beautiful among the Peru Mountains, with a height of about 900 meters and situated at around 5200 meters above sea level.

The Vinicunca Mountains are as breathtaking in reality as they look in the pictures. Finding itself on the bucket list of many travelers nowadays, the rainbow mountain of Cusco is quickly becoming a major tourist attraction for the visitors in the country.

The color striped mountains are indeed a sight to behold. As a result of million years of mineral sedimentation, the Rainbow Mountain is nature at its artistic best in a glorifying manner. The icing on the cake of this fantastic site is the Picasso Peak. And the mountains are not the only reason for taking a trip there. Loads of hot springs, hidden local communities and hordes of llamas and alpacas, coupled with a stunning view of glaciers all along the route, the whole journey to Vinicunca Mountain in Peru is a trip that lingers in your mind for a while and in your heart forever.

Making the most of the trip

The Rainbow Mountains are completely inaccessible by any means, barring foot. But it is a walk of a lifetime. The Rainbow Mountain trek can be accomplished in as little as some hours or in as long as three days. An overnight trip is mostly recommended for visiting the rainbow mountain tour as you get enough time to not only camp atop the mountains, but also visit some of the nearby local places and meet some beautiful local people and hop around in the market there

The best time to tour the mountains, just like Machu Picchu or Colca Canyon, is the summertime between May and September. Reason being the unbearable cold at such altitudes especially at night, which remains sub-zero even during the summer season. This frosty temperature shouldn’t discourage you from trekking the Vinicunca mountain as the Rainbow Mountain Peru tour will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable highlights of your trip to this mesmerizing country.

In conclusion

We are sure you are tempted to pack your bags and have prepared your bucket list with the Vinicunca Mountains at the very top. Do ensure you don’t miss this slice of heaven on earth and hope you make the most of your pleasant stay at Peru. After all, it’s your Peru – Ayni Peru.

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