Tips to find what is trending on Facebook and Twitter​

When something big or small happens around the globe, people are always discussing it on social media. It’s really easy to know what’s trending on Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is find trending topics and use them to havea conversation with your followers.

Trends on Facebook:

  • Trending topics on Facebook are personalized for the user based on location and posts and pages he has recently liked as well as posts that are popular.
  • Facebook Trends are in real time so the user can stay updated with the current events and posts and be a part of the conversation.
  • Topics trending on Facebook appear at the top right of the news feed. The user will see the topic first, then a blurb which sums up the entire story.
  • Facebook, by default shows the current trending topics at the top but users can toggle between different categories.
  • To know what’s trending, just click on the topic. The first thing you will see is the trending story,followed by the “Top Posts”.
  • If you want to see videos on the trending topic, scroll down.
  • Facebook allows customization of your trending topic by doing away with topics that don’t interest you. Hover over a topic in the list that doesn’t interest you, and click the small X to the right of the topicto hide it.

Trends on Twitter

Two ways of discovering latest trends on Twitter:

  1. Moments: a list of curated and important stories with explanations and selected tweets. It is usually restricted to the big stories of the day. It is available even to those without a twitter account.
  2. Personalized trends: available only to those who have a twitter account, and are found on the left side of the page. It shows a specific selection of trends, based on who you follow and your location.
  • Twitter website has trends to the left side of your timeline on both the home as well as notifications pages. On the profile page however, the trends are displayed on one side.
  • Twitter trends depend on your location and those who you follow, as well as worldwide trends. Click the “Change” option near the trends headline to change default setting.
  • Some trending topics on twitter include a hashtag. This directly links them to the hashtag in Twitter search, making it easier to participate in that conversation.
  • To see the conversation of a trend, either click on the topic or the hashtag. You will be directed to the relevant Twitter search. Click on “More Options” for more filters.

The above tips help you make the most from the latest topics trending on Facebook and Twitter

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