Top Home Remedies For Red Eyes

Top Home Remedies For Red Eyes

Red eyes are the inflammation of the conjunctiva and the sights, including the lining of the skin and the inner surface of the eyelid. Red eyes are a common problem for people with this condition, especially in children. The primary cause of red eye is by Adenovirus or bacteria such as streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus. Diseases are common in the summer to late autumn, when the weather from hot sun to rain, high humidity air, when delivery season. At this time, the human body, especially those sensitive to comfortable weather and those have fatigue, and the weak immune system is vulnerable to infection. Also, the environment becomes dustier, contaminated water, poor hygiene, shared towels and pillows are too favorable for outbreaks. Often, red eyes are not harmful and will last for 7-10 days. However, if you do not keep eye hygiene or there is no appropriate treatment, the disease can get worse and spread to become infected. Although the red eye is an acute illness, the symptoms are loud, contagious but usually less benign to have sequelae. However, the disease often affects many activities, learning and labor, there are many cases. Long-term illness and complications jeopardize the eyesight so people should be aware of the room and there are ways to treat red eyes effectively.

However, you should not worry about it because there are many home remedies for red eyes that you can apply directly.

You can use remedy with antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce eye pain and discomfort when the disease has not healed. Also, you can use the simple home remedies for red eyes to feel better.

One of the useful home remedies for red eyes makes you the area around your eyes colder or warmer. Soak a soft, clean towel, do not cling to dirt. Squeeze the cloth to remove excess water, close the eyes and apply a light sheet to the eyes.

–    Cold compresses are suitable for treating conjunctivitis due to allergies, but warmth will make you feel more comfortable and less likely to swell when you get viral or bacterial viral infections.

–    Keep in mind that warming can increase the risk of disease to the rest of the eye area, so you should change gauze after each use and use different patches for each eye.

Besides, you should use honey and milk as one of the home remedies for red eyes. You only mix honey and juice with a ratio of 1: 1, then use this mixture to rub around the eye area. Or you can also use a clean cloth dipped in this mixture and covered the eyes. Then rinse the face. This remedy can help reduce the discomfort of eye pain.

Potato is an excellent choice if you or your relatives have troubles with red eyes. You can cut a slice of potato and place it on the affected area. Do it for three consecutive nights to reduce eye irritation. Although home remedies are not as effective as medications, they can make you feel better when you have red eyes.

Another home remedy to treat red eyes is using coriander. You please take fresh coriander leaves and boil them in water, filter and let cool. Then use this mixture to wash the eye area. This treatment can help reduce the feeling of heat as well as reduce pain and swelling within the eye.

Also, dill seeds are useful for red eyes. It is straightforward to boil some dill seeds with water, then let cool and filter for water to wash your face. You can do it twice a day to relieve pain, redness, and inflammation in the eyes.

And, the last choice is fish lettuce. Fish lettuce is a folk remedy that works efficiently with red eyes.  Fish lettuce is cool as vegetables – herbs are always available in the home garden, or can spend 1-2,000 has a bunch to use. You only use a handful of fish lettuce for drinking water during the day. Using fish lettuce wrapped in gauze and put on the eyes overnight is the disease progressed. For young children: Wash fresh fish lettuce, garnish with boiled water to cool, drain and crush, put into clean gauze, apply to the eyes. Twice a day, the effect will be faster.

Use in 3 days will not have pain, gnash in the eyes, white eye color gradually, the green, yellow is no longer. One or two more days to clear the red eyes.

Although home remedies for red eyes sore are not as effective as red eyes medications, they can make you feel more comfortable with red eyes. If red eyes do not decrease after 2-3 days of treatment should call the doctor immediately.

Red eyes lesions are easy to infect, both for the home and for the community. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your face three times a day with clean water, separate towels, best washing with soap, sunscreen, environmental sanitation.


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