Useful Study Tips For Class 10th And 12th Students

Life is an examination in which whole mankind are examinees. Standing in the twenty-first century it’s clear, realized and proved that besides the three basic needs of life (food, clothing, and shelter) education has also become a necessity to survive in this world. As a consequence of an effect follow any cause. For example, as fire follows the smoke. Similarly, education is followed by an examination. Now, what is examination? To define education, we can say that it is a process of evaluating the merits of the students. In other words, as everything has an instrument like temperature is measured by a thermometer. Likewise, education is measured by examination. And, who are examinees? In the same language, examinees are the causative agents for examination.If you are one of the students expecting a good results and a Good Board Exam Result for Class 10th and Class 12th, then you must strictly follow the tips.

Types Of Examination And Their Names

Although many examinations can be taken in life or we can that as there are some phases of life, there are also a number of phases of examination. There are two basic and common examination for everyone who wants to be educated these are secondary and higher secondary examination. As there are many boards of education, examinations are known by different names. ICSE (10th) and ISE (12th) for Delhi board, CBSE-X and CBSE-XII for Central board, WBSE(10th) and WBHSE(12th) for West Bengal board.

Study Aid For Students

  • In today’s hi-tech world (the world of technology) everything is digitalized and also even study. So the first study aid for students is the Internet. There are many websites and apps specially made and designed for 10th and 12th students who are preparing for the examination. Many mock tests for pre-board and board examinations are also available for these examinees to prepare for the examination.
  • Besides the internet, many guide books, reference books, and workbooks are available for purchase in the market. This book helps a lot for giving a good performance and score better marks in the examination. In addition to these books, there are also solved test papers, solved question papers; ten years solved papers, suggestion papers and many more to aid the examinees or rather the board examinees.
  • And last but not the least, coaching classes as well as private tutors are available for very subjects. This gives an audio-visual aid to the student for their board examination.

This aid also helps the weak students to improve their performance and score good marks

3 Useful Study Tips

As all the fingers of our hand are not same as that all the students or the examinees are not alike. Some are serious, some are not so sincere, some are brilliant, and some are weak. Some aspirants are expecting 80 – 90 % in the board examination. There are also examinees capable of getting 50 – 60 % marks and also some students who just want to pass and clear the board examination. (10th and 12th level). Keeping all of their priority, needs, and capability in mind some useful and important suggestion or tips for these students/examinees.

Some Useful Tips Are: 

  • Reading The Text Books Thoroughly: This will help the students in examination because no question will ever come out of the textbooks in 10th and 12th level.
  • To Prepare Precisely And To The Point Answers: This type of preparation will help them to score good marks as the examiners also wants to the point answers.
  • Following The Test Papers: This will help the students to get accustomed to the pattern ad important questions asked in the previous years.


Board examinations are not only given by the students but also by their parents. So hoping this to be useful I wish all the best to board examinees of this year.

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