What are the Probable Reasons for Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

A cardiac arrest is a different event from a heart attack. When one portion of the heart does not get the proper blood flow then it causes cardiac arrest. Whereas, a heart attack happens when there is an electrical impulse disturbance. In both the cases, immediate treatment is needed. If not treated immediately then it can cause death. Survival is possible if treated with proper medical care. Mild pain in the chest, shortness of breathing, lack of pulse, unconsciousness, dizziness, fatigue etc. are some symptoms of cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest generally does not have any symptom and they do not give any warning before coming.

Every incident has some reason to occur. Cardiac arrest occurs when there is any disruption in the electrical conductance by the heart muscles. They do not happen on their own. There must be any stimuli like trauma or any drug that make this happen. Heart conditions which induce cardiac arrest are:

Heart Attack: The main reason for cardiac arrest is ventricular fibrillation. If a person was previously experienced heart attack there must be some scar tissues left behind in the heart surrounded by some electrical short circuits. These can later cause a disturbance in the electrical impulse which then leads to heart attack. The best cardiologist in india says a person with a previous heart attack experience must take a good care of his or her health. It can come back later in an aggressive form.

Any type of Heart Disease: A common type of disease called coronary heart disease is caused by deposition of cholesterol in the arteries which block the blood flow to the heart. This does not let the heart conduct electrical impulses properly and are the main reason behind the cardiac arrest. Another type of heart disease is called congenital disease. It refers to a condition where the heart problem is inborn. There must be some problem in the heart present since birth. People having this type of heart problem sometimes go through a corrective heart surgery. This people also have a high risk of getting a sudden cardiac arrest.

A problem in the Valves: The structure of the heart is very complicated. Every part of the heart is important and any disruption in those parts can cause heart problems. Sometimes any leak in the valves can cause thickening or stretching of the heart muscles. The unwanted stress on the muscles can develop arrhythmia or cardiac arrest.

The problem in Electrical Conductance: In some cases, the problem does not lie in the valve or the heart muscle. It is the electrical conductance system which is disrupted. This problem is also called QT syndrome or Brugada’s syndrome.

These are the health problems that may cause cardiac arrest. There are some other reasons that can lead to arrhythmia. Our lifestyle is the biggest reason for all of our diseases. Heavy drinking, serial smoking can cause health problems like high blood pressure, blood cholesterol which then leads to cardiac problems. Our sedentary lifestyle and bad food habits cause diseases like obesity and diabetes which are the primary stage of many other serial health conditions. Change your lifestyle and food habit to lead a healthy life.

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