What is Humatrope & Its Uses?

Humatrope is a treatment made by Eli Lilly and company. It’s a bio-identical form of human growth hormone produced using recombinant DNA technology.

Bioidentical means that humatrope is molecularly identical to that which is produced by the human body. The difference is that Humatrope 72 iu comes from a laboratory instead of from the pituitary gland.

What is Humatrope Used For?

Humatrope is used to treat conditions associated with pediatric & adult human growth hormone deficiency. For pediatric patients, Humatrope is used for the long-term treatment of patients having slow growth due to an inadequate secretion of normal androgynous growth hormone.

  • Humatrope 72 iu is used for the treatment of short stature associated with Turner syndrome or TS in patients whose appendices are not closed – The rounded end of a long bone.
  • Humatrope also helps children exhibiting a slower growth rate due to human growth hormone deficiency to reach their normal adult height.
  • Humatrope is used for this purpose until the Appe ficial plates have closed. Because after these structures have clothed, height is essentially locked in due to which the patient cannot grow taller.
  • Beyond this point, giving HGH levels associated with childhood leads to acromegaly symptoms. In which, the bones get thicker & wider without becoming longer.
  • Humatrope is also used for the extended treatment of idiopathic short stature or ISS — defined by height that’s more than two standard deviations below the corresponding average height for individual’s age, sex & etc.
  • It’s also used for the individuals, whose growth rates are unlikely to achieve a height within the normal range of the adult averages.

The patients that should demonstrate unclosed appendices. And for home evaluation, excludes other possible causes associated with short height stature that could and should be treated by other means.

Humatrope Therapy for Adults

For adult patients, Humatrope is used to replace adults’ endogenous growth hormone with growth hormone deficiency. The Deficiency in Adult human growth hormone comes in two forms;

The first one is adult onset: Patients who have growth hormone deficiency, as a result of pituitary disease, radiation therapy, hypothalamic disease, surgery or trauma. Adult onsite deficiency can also be the result of age-related natural decline. In this condition, the body slowly loses its ability to produce sufficient HGH to meet the needs of the body typically after the age of 30.

Second is childhood onset: Patients who were HGH deficient beginning in childhood, who have had a growth hormone deficiency confirmed as an adult before replacement therapy with Humatrope 72 iu or any other growth hormone brand is started.

Although Humatrope only encourages growth until the end of puberty, the patient still needs human growth hormone to sustain normal cellular metabolism and can benefit from a reduced dosage of Humatrope.

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