What is the difference between the Surface Web & Deep Web?

What is the difference between the Surface Web & Deep Web?

The Internet is really a huge resource to find plenty of useful and nonsense information. But you will be shocked to learn that the internet is much bigger than you can imagine. We can only see 4% of the internet. The remaining 96% is called the deep web. The internet which is visible to us is called the Surface web. Isn’t it mind goggling? You will definitely like to learn the differences between the two. Here, we cover some of the major differences between the surface web and the deep web.

Surface Web vs Deep Web

There are a number of differences between the Surface web and the dark web, but we have listed sown some of the major ones to help you understand it in a better way.


The internet which is visible (4% of web) is called the surface web or the visible web. According to the latest research, it has 1 billion document pages. The web which is invisible to us constitutes of the deep web, also known as the invisible web or hidden web. It constitutes of over 600 billion pages. The Deep web is much bigger than the size of the surface web and s very handy for the scholars and researchers.

Search Engine Indexibility

We all know the fact that the web pages are indexed by the search engines like Google, Bing etc. But these pages are the part of surface web. The deep web pages or deep web links cannot be indexed by the normal search engines. These pages are only indexed by special search engines such as DuckDuckGo. Even the special search engines cannot crawl all the deep web pages.


The surface web is totally legitimate, but a few websites present on the surface web may not be legitimate in few countries. Similarly, the deep web is also legitimate to access, but it has a weird part that constitutes of just 0.1% of deep web is illegal. This part of deep web is called the dark web. It is the home to all the illegal activities that you can actually imagine and order as per your convenience.


Both the parts of the internet have some fishy or suspicious stuff. A user can easily find a number of suspicious websites on the surface web that might try to steal the useful information of the user. These sites can also be found on the deep web. The dark web is the ultimate place for such websites. You need to be secure while accessing this part of the internet that might be scary for you.

The Last Words

The surface web and the deep web both are the part of internet. The surface web is just 4% of it while the deep web constitutes 96% of the web. Though you can find some really useful information from the internet, the deep web can be of utmost importance for the scholars and the researchers. A few deep web pages can be accessed via normal browser as web. Try it now!

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