GDPR compliance is a set of well defined course of action designed to assist the compliance professionals, HIPAA or the IT implementers to ascertain how Windows 10 can be of immense help in discovering, managing and protecting the data in the cloud and bringing together the required reports and documents to comply the requirements of GDPR. Windows 10 is a powerful tool and extensive documentation on how to use it and make process more easier and organic. Microsoft aims at incorporating the additional features to achieve the goals set by the GDPR.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), sets new levels of privacy rights, security and compliance that will be brought in to action by means of heavy penalties. Microsoft has commitment towards compliance of GDPR through al its online services, thus the assurance that all the information is protected. Microsoft assists with a comprehensive set of software services for its customers for GDPR requirements. Windows 10 helps in the HIPAA compliance and should be implemented from the start points to the end points for compliance of HIPAA. The core GDPR involves filling of forms to request for correct, amend, delete and export personal data of individuals who are at the core of GDPR compliance.

GDPR aims at data protection:   

Similar to HIPAA regulations, GDPR does not attempt to direct reference to technical aspect, but it aims at holistic and structured implementation of data protection and security compliance. This specifies that the controller should implement required technical and organizational measures and be able to assure that the processing is in as per the set rules.

 Microsoft GDPR friendly and Assessment tools:

 Microsoft Windows 10 helps with GDPR security and privacy requirements with the help of its cloud enabled security stack, that comprises of protection of device, identity, management, information, and detection of threat. Windows 10 includes Windows Information Protection that provides safeguards from accidental leaks of information.

GDPR compliance begins with its focus of four key points. It also involves powerful tools and set of solutions for tackling each step of action. The new regulations require collecting, storing, and using information in the following ways.

Microsoft with its Windows Information Protection(WIP) assists in:

1] Protection of data at rest on the local or removable storage area is covered by it.

2] It helps corporate and end users data recognition whenever on rest on the device with the function to wipe the data.

3] It helps in easy integration in Microsoft cloud platform.

4] It forms a standard experience in all Windows 10 and thereby stop and unauthorized apps from accessing the information of business data and users from leaking data by means of copy and paste options.

Since it is a complete set of actions that needs to be undertaken, thus reviewing privacy and data management practices should be done in comprehensive manner to comply with GDPR. Also it should be bore in mind that failure to the compliance of GDPR could result in heft fines and harm the goodwill of the organization.

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