Why Sewing is Beneficial for Your Physical Health

Why Sewing is Beneficial for Your Physical Health –

Besides the immense fun associated with sewing, the creativity part of it can be very rewarding regarding keeping mind sharp and maintaining your body in a healthy state. Sewing is beneficial for your physical health in the following ways.

  • Sewing has therapeutic value on those suffering from chronic pain. If you work on sewing or quilting machine, it helps lessen the pain drastically.
  • Sewing has been shown to protect the brain from the aging signs. Sewing, especially when you are older, has the potential of reducing your risk of obtaining dementia, if the study conducted by Mayo Clinic is anything to go by.
  • Sewing is shown to enhance the coordination between your eye and hand. This is because sewists work with very tiny needles and threads.
  • Sewing has been shown to lower blood pressure. According to the study conducted by the Home Sewing Association, the average rate of heartbeats was measured from experienced sewers, as well as those who participated in activities like painting and playing cards. The results of the study showed that those who took part in painting and playing cards had a higher rate of heartbeat compared to the experienced sewers.
  • Sewing will also provide you with a unique outlook. Sewing offers you the opportunity to design the unique cloths that no one else has, thus giving you a unique look regarding dress code.

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